To The Fallen

Very well done video! But… Not sure about the message it has in it… Dunno wot to say…

Ah, the anti-bike vid. Can’t say I’m a fan of it - especially some of the sick imagary he uses to get his twisted message across…

No need for the sick images really. Good video though.

What’s so good about that video? For me it looks like a PowerPoint slide show with music

And the idea is stupid, u can find much more and much worse accidents and wounds caused in car accidents.

Lets face it we all know the consequences if things happen, just don,t want to see it in such a morbid form… no i don’t like the vid

Same point as njs71 said, we all know the consequence of crashing, just dont like seeing it in a vid.
Must be an anti biker.

Did you forget to add insult in the title?

I find videos like this just an insult to those who have crashed, yes they have crashed, yes they did get injured, but why should there be videos of them crashing for other peoples sick plessure.

We all know how dangerous motorbikes can be without having to watch crap like this.

Hey guys…didn’t mean to offend anybody…but just like you see in the news’ images of lets say natures fury( tsunami in Asia )war in the middle east etc, it’s just reality, you crash on a bike , you get hurt,if your’re lucky not much, but most of the time pretty bad(especially over here with the size of sum of the SUV’s…think a big black Suburban or worse a Hummer) besides i think no-one high-sides delibrately for other ppl’s viewing pleasure… guess mebbe i’m just a pessimist…i’ve resigned myself to >its not a matter of "if " but of “when”. but as a fellow biker my apologies if i offended anyone.

Given the number of crashes this weekend, I reckon you’ve hit the nail on the head mate! Perfect timing.

I hope that F-16C isn’t your company car. If so you can leave now !