To the Ewanaby this morning

You forgot to buy the boots! :stuck_out_tongue:

BMW 1200GS, Frank Thomas X terrain Jacket & Trousers, and work shoes!! :w00t:

**Lol maybe there at the repairers like your mate Mikes were last week:P

maybe but doubt it… btw mike was v pleased with the result :wink:

I was impressed at how long he’s had those boots! talk about get your moneys worth lol:D
Glad he’s happy, he’ll probaly get another 10 years use out of them;)
Thanks for sending him my way luvvie;)

so him again. this time he was wearing **brown ** work shoes! at least he wore gloves… but not just any gloves… M&S gloves!! or could be next (couldnt tell) :stuck_out_tongue: