to the Ace!

hey guys went to my first Ace night tonight, sat down waiting to meet Andrea, and 2 guys came and sat with me, both from London bikers. i just wanted to say i had a excellent time tonight! thanks to Snap, and jay for a great chat and for also introducing me to some of the other London bikers: karen and Terry, Andrew and abbey j`s twin on the cbr 125. its good to have people like that around!!

hey Andrea thanks agin, i will pm ya about rides! x

the only bummer today was that i found out that fazer has got to have open clutch surgery on monday as shes slipping!, poor thing and she was running so wel!! apparently after 48000 miles she is due a replacement!

i will see yas Wednesday!

She’ll pull through and will be right as rain.

Ha ha its the baby CBR’s that are the twins…

i guess! yeah im sure fazer will be fine, im just a bit nervous!

HA HA, i was wondering what the “twin” was westfazer was talking about !!! Thought u and abbeyj was holding something back there girl !!! Yet to meet u westfazer? but sure you are another friendly face down at the ace and an LB’r.

yeah theyre twins alright! i think they both great girls, and the bikes arent bad either, he he. yes i havent met you yet blade!, hopefully wednesday if fazer is done by then! always good to make new mates.

Nice to meet you too and see you soon.