To reassure you all that your littluns are in good hands

“Mr B, can I change my ice pack? The office told me to change it every hour”

“Really? Why? What major life threatening injury have you got? I can see no missing limbs…”

“I stung my hand on a stinging nettle.”

“Ok, best be on the safe side…”

Please tell me that you’re pulling a “Smiled” and you’re not serious? :w00t:

Mate, 100% genuine. Parents are so quick to complain when anything is missed - the girls in the office are a tad OTT at times!

hahahaha :D:D:D

i laughed…

Better than my kids school… they would not treat em even with one leg hanging off!! :smiley:

Same as my old school, I broke my ankle and they made me wait til after school for my father to come pick me up and take me to the Hospital, apparently they rang him and told him I had sprained my ankle, he arrived, took one look at my massively swollen ankle and drove me straight to the hospital.

yer - I got a lovely scar on my hand coz the teachers said it didn’t need stitches after I cut it on a broken bottle whilst clearing out a junkpile to make a nature reserve. They ran it under the tap in the boys bog and made me get on with the work lolz

I don’t mind - I like the scar :smiley:

But its a far cry from a broken bone or a hand spouting claret to a chuffin’ nettle sting - what are they on…?

Or is it just me?

I bet it is lolz

A bit of pain never did anyone any harm eh? Character-building I say…let 'em suffer!..anyway what’s the point in wasting perfectly good frozen water…errm or maybe not…:doze:. Guess the OP is suggesting the school is prob doing it for the wrong reasons i.e. trying to cover the legal aspects- or could it be part of the national syllabus- ‘pain awareness’?:ermm:

It seems more likely that he was trying to teach a class without too many interruptions and was frustrated in his efforts by a nettle sting:w00t: What happened to rubbing it with a dock leaf?

In the days when I worked for a living in Local Guvinment/Educashon this was know as “arse covering”.

Given the crap most schools have to take from parents these days, who’d blame them doing the probably un necessary?

I’m just surprised the child didn’t get referred to the hospital.

Too right…and I’d hazard a guess it is the very same parents of the disruptive kids that would be the first to sue.

I think we lost Doc Leaves during the cuts in the 80’s…

+1 The above is correct, not interested when their offspring are wrecking others education, only interested if they are going to be excluded=under parent’s feet instead.