Tired of not being able to watch tv while you ride ?

How to make a royal dogs dinner of an R6


I am thinking he had it built ,then thought ,OMFG what have I done I can’t been seen out on that .

Oh dear… Oh dear oh dear… That is quite, quite hideous. My eyes hurt.


Lol im sure there is many to name it :smiley:

I recommended puncturing the fuel tank and then lighting the fuel.

Gosh… I’m not often lost for words…

The guy is responsible for a taste atrocity and should be tried by the International Court For Crimes Against Aesthetics.

That paint job is like an Almax & tracker in obe - nobody in their right mind would want to nick it and if they did it would be spotted in minutes.

2 rear view cameras to be sure to be sure

Looks like pimp my ride on crack

No wonder a 9 year old bike only has 500 miles on it - who would be seen dead riding it?! That is truly the fugliest bike I have laid eyes on.

Still can’t get over 500 miles in 9 years, TDJ did that in about 9 hours on Friday!