Tips For Gumtree & Other Forum Bike Sellers


Feel better for that.

This isn’t aimed at the sellers in the classified ads on here, I’ve never had a problem with those, but I’ve been trawling through Gumtree & other specific user forums the last few weeks & sent numerous mails & left as many voice mail messages & not one person even had the courtesy to call/write back, it’s really ticking me off. I don’t care if they have sold the bike, just a simple “sorry it’s gone” would suffice. Surely if you have posted an ad & you have sold your bike, if you amended your ad to say it had sold, people wouldn’t call/mail you anymore?:crazy:

Ive heard about this before. Sellers complaining that their ads arent removed or altered to say sold. Down to the advertisers really.

Agreed though that a simple reply by the seller is courteous, however doing so long after the event can get very tedious especially if theyve been chasing the advertiser to remove/alter the ad.

Ah … just read the word forums on your original mail. :blush:

I treat Gumtree with extreme caution now. I looked on there for video cameras, found a couple which seemed too good to be true. Got one reply insisting we do the transaction on eBay for security, written in somewhat dubious engrish which stank of a scam. Walked away.

Found the second, had a look at that. Got exactly the same reply back from a different seller/email etc etc

I did find my current houseshare on Gumtree though, but you can’t really scam that.

So, in my experience 66% of adverts on Gumtree are scams. :smiley:

I’d go with that. I had a nightmare looking for a new flat. It took so much time to work through the scams. In the end I found a nice flat and the person I was emailing turned out to be a friend of mine who’s an estate-agent. He wound me up good and proper, the bugger.

I have sold loads of bikes on gumtree,

Just sold a pair of calipers on gumtree today to a guy in scotland, he has sent me the paypal, and theres nothing technically to stop me scamming him now, Lucky for him im honest, but i only use gumtree for cash in hand kind of things, ill use ebay if im paying online