Tinted Visors

The ultimate in cool or just a teensy weensy bit naff?

Granted, they can make even the geekiest four eyed rider into an urban warrior. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally? Nein danke.

personally, I’d rather be able to see in bright sunlight.

Depends on the purpose that you have it for, I guess :wink:

Personally, for my main biking (commuting etc), I have a flip-front helmet, with an integral sun-visor that can be lowered as/when I want to use it - I like it much better than having to put on/take off sunglasses (the helmet is a Scorpio x900, although I’m thinking of upgrading to the latest Shoei helmet, which looks nice)

In sunlight they are a godsent… I really struggle and have on occasion had to pull over in very bright sunlight as my eyes are really sensitive.

Only tried a shark with internal sun visor and hated it so yes dark visor all the way! Sunglasses again a now go as I manage to mist them up in seconds and not really that comfortable

I usually will carry the clear one as well, unless I know I’ll be back just before sunset

think they are great, blocks the bright sunlight and at night blocks out the bright headlights and etc. i have black visor and its made riding easier as im not being blinded no more.

the only.time i dont wear a.dark visor is at night, in very low light ie dusk, or in heavy rain.

internal sun visors on lids i dont like, hate the light gap

Just brought a new helmet actualy with a black visor for in the day. What do you all do about your clear one if you carry it around? Worried i may damage it

I’ve a “track use only” dark visor for really bright summer days … but for the rest of the time I use a clear visor with a Pro-tec Pinlok i.e. a reactalite insert.

Ideal for commuting regardless of the weather or time of day.

I got an Oxford carry bag and you can either wrap it around waist or what I do is put it in my Kriega and strap it to the back seat…

Oh wait, you don’t have a rear seat, do you? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

But I am of the principle that eventually it’s going to get scratched so being too sensitive about it ain’t helping anyone!

I do actualy :stuck_out_tongue:
It’ll go in my rucksack i carry, not realy the scratches im thinking about, more of doing something stupid with my bag and breaking it. Time will tell

Most visors will bend almost right round in the opposite direction before they consider breaking. So it should be fine :wink:

Never had one but believe me theirs been times I wish I did, got to sort myself out one before the Alps road trip:D

Just bought a new Shoei XR1100. Hoping to get a photochromtic insert or film for it. It changes tint the brighter the light hitting it, much like spectacles. Should work a treat.


I noticed when doing my research, that Bell are now doing vari tint visors as part of their range. Look up Bell transitions.

Never had one but I think when I get my next helmet, I’ll get a tinted visor to go with it. I’ve tried the top gun internal sun visors but I’ve never found one that goes low enough to work properly.

A good pair of safety sunglasses work well, with the advantage that you can leave the visor open when it’s hot to get a breeze through without getting your eyeballs coated in dead flies. They can be prone to misting up though.

Tinted visor all the way, I really don’t like clear visors during the day, when I see people riding with them, they’re often of a certain type.

I have specs too, so sunglasses aren’t an option for me.

As far as I’m concerned, they’re a safety feature during the day, as riding when the sun is in your eyes is about as unsafe as it comes.

Tinted - so no one can see my ugly mug :wink:

I use dark tinted in the summer too, sun makes riding dangerous without one imho. Carry around the clear one in one of those Arai bags, but I don’t recommend that cos my clear visor got all scuffed up in my rucksack after it spent a summer knocking about inside it - even inside the Arai visor bag. I’ll get a visor bag I can properly close this year.

tinted >>>>>>>>>> cause I look well cool

also works well in the sun!

I have a flip-front Caberg with integral visor and I think it’s great and the tint works a treat!
I also like being able to flip the front up when I nip into shops/garages etc. :cool:

I want to buy a tinted visor for my Shoei Qwest, but I think the legal ones aren’t dark enough…I will have another look, otherwise Im going for the complete dark ones, not like its much of a hassle to switch them around when stopped by the police.