Tinted Visors

This has probably been asked time and again but could someone humour me.
Are tinted visors legal or not?

no, however most police officers wont ‘do’ you for them unless you are riding like a nob (and nead a reason to ‘do’ you for it, simmilar to loud pipes).

Is the correct answer.

Isn’t it, “it depends on the level of tint”?

The Shoei legal tinted one is barely different from the clear. It seems a decent amount of tint is for circuit use only.

believe the numbers are 25% is legal, 50% is technically race use only. most people use the race on the road still as it is equivalent to proper sunglasses. if you’re worried, or think you’ll be out after it gets dark put your clear in your bag.

i’ve yet to hear of someone having a problem in daytime. if you have an accident at night and were wearing a black visor, you might want to lob it in a bush…:wink:

A legal tint visor will be stamped BS4110 XA, YA or ZA (usually ZA) and must allow 50% ambient light to pass through, so in affect it is like a half tint or smoked visor.

A black race visor only allows in 18% ambient light and is illegal and will not carry the relevant BS kite mark and is therefore illegal.

That said, if a black visor is being worn in bright sunny conditions, then most coppers will let it go and some of my former colleagues themselves wear black visors, but beware of the jobsworths who will not only report for a black visor but will seize and detain the visor for evidentila purposes (which they are allowed to do if they wish).

So carry a legal tint or clear visor with you just in case.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: