time for a change part two

well folks i went and done it!..that poxy little devil that sits on my shoulder screaming in me ear won again.

i went and bought the benelli tornado…i know what your thinking, silly twat should have stuck with japanese but once i got on the blasted thing i just could not wipe the smile from my face although when i got off i had a hunch back and arms like a gibbon!!the misses from know on will have to iron my shirt with a wok!!

Anyway the dilema is i will have to change my forum name i can not be known as efzedsix so answers on a postcard please.

by the way thanks to all that left there advice…i hope i do not live to regreat my decision!

It’s certainly a very destinctive and unique bike fella, congratulations! Here’s a video of one circulating Brands Hatch race circuit. I hope to see it down at Cubana some time soon! The tripple engine should sound great.


Irons the shirts with a wok !!..the oldies are always the best…Congrats on the new family member…as Jay said…bring it along to Cubana and show off Large !!!


Enjoy the new bike.

Ohhh lucky you, I’ve always liked them

Theres just no way in this world I could even reach the bars let alone touch the floor They are very “long” bikes

what you pay for it, On yer bike are doing the basic tornado for £7799 at the moment, love the Benelli’s but would prefer the TNT.


So now if I meet you at Croxted road again I wont have that nice sound to hear? Worse I won’t know that is you there? lol

Nice bike… I liked the sound of it on the video that Jay put up…

What colour did you get? Green and white?

mmm, nice choice! those bikes are gorgeous

I want one if it’s gonna sound like that video

Oh yeah … sweet bike … enjoy!!

Gorgeous looking machine, although I only know two people who have them and both had to return them for build issues fairly soon after getting them, I’d make sure you check it out when you pick it up.

enjoy the bike.

I’m more inclined to the naked myself so prefer this