Thump Thump the TL has landed.

Just a quick hello…those of you who were on the French invaision may know who I am, those I haven’t met, I look forward to meeting you soon enough.

I have a quick question (my riding may be proficient but my knowledge of the interweb thing may not be), how do I add a photo to my profile?

Catch you’ll soon.


Hello mateWelcome from another TL owner (TLR)

What you got?

If the pic is hosted on a web host site then just put the URL inside {img] … [/img] brackets.


If the pic is on your PC press REPLY button than EDIT ATTATCHMENT button at bottom right corner. Browse for pic on hard drive and just add it.:slight_smile:

Its a Vee thing;):cool:

hiya and welcome to LB!:slight_smile:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome, It took me a while to figure out the avitar thingymagig.:smiley:

Hello mate , assume you was the guy i was talkin to on the return train journey. welcome and thanks for commin over when the bike was playin up.
Typical, all day riding round france without mishap then it breaks down while riding up the train…:ermm:


There are two types of image you can add to your profile.
’ * Personal Photos * ’ (a picture which is only displayed on your profile - can help people identify you at meets etc if it’s a portrait. Must be no larger than 300 x 300 pixels) & ’ * Avatars * ’ (an image displayed next to every post you make on the LB forum. Must be no larger than 150 x 150 pixels).

If you want to add either of them, go to the ’ Control Panel ’ of your profile by clicking the relevant link at the top right of the page.
Then ‘Edit Personal Photo’ or ‘Edit Avatar

Hello and welcome to LB:D


Welcome to LB :wink:

Hello :slight_smile:

It was cool to chat on the way back. I guess you guys made it back all ok. I found out my TL doesn’t like the wet and limped home on one cylinder, this is not to much trouble but with the second pot firing when it felt like, sending me off in all sorts of directions was engaging to say the least haha.

I’ll see you about either up the ACE or down the Market no doubt.

My name is Duncan by the way, rude of me not to have introduced myself.


The 90V is hot and no messing, I have inline fours but they seem like toys, bring on the heavy torque delivery everytime.


Welcome to LB :smiley:

alright mate!

are you the fellow photographer guy who sat for dinner with me miguel and james? beeeeef hash, snails n stella mmmmmmmmmmm :smiley:
If so my new website as mentioned goes up this weekend so will send you the link when I’m done. If not well welcome to LB


heya :slight_smile:
met u on the train . before i tried to sleep anyway

Welcome aboard, Dunk :slight_smile:

hey dunk

welcome to LB, love the paint on your TL, tis my lil SV’s grandaddy!:smiley:

see you about…THUMP…THUMP!

Hi Funky Dunky TL :smiley: