Thriller on The London Underground

Just saw this on the news and found it on You Tube…:slight_smile:

I saw this on London Tonight, i recon it`s great.

dance students copying convicts though…

macp (30/01/2008)

Just saw this on the news and found it on You Tube…:slight_smile:[/quote]

Good clip, would have been funny if the tube had slammed on the anchors!

OrangeSpoon (30/01/2008)

dance students copying convicts though…[/quote]I wont be able to sleep now…need help

I guess this is a publicity stunt for the fact that Micheal Jackson is about to release a new album with some remixes on it.

Still kewl though.

That’s great, I use the tube everyday and that would certainly make me smile if it happened on my commute, even if it is just a marketing exercise.

I’ll just have to be content with people giving my funny looks as I nod my head or tap my feet to the tunes on my MP3 player, well you just can’t sit still when listening to good music now can you! :smiley:

That could never happen - as if the tube would be that empty!!!:smiley:

Love the way there is a polite ripple of applause at the end!! Terribly British lol

I noticed that, although some people even got up and moved away/went for the exit even before the train had stopped…why can’t people in this country enjoy something so spontaneous without feeling uncomfortable about it? :ermm:

Errr. maybe they thought it was crap…

There was one guy there who couldn’t tear his eyes away from his book.

I love the bloke on his mobile phone! You can hear him from about 00:40 but not make out what he’s saying; then at about 00:50 his cockney accent comes through loud & clear: “Thriller… …Michael Jackson… …on the rattler!”