Three new forums

We’re always trying to improve LB, either by updating the content, changing how we do things or changing the forum structure. Well we’ve done the latter this time and here’s the lowdown:

We’re keen to promote more conversation on both biking and non-biking topics. Part of LB’s original, and ongoing remit is to improve peoples biking lives, and to do that we need to spur interest in broadening peoples horizons, i.e. getting out there and doing new things on two wheels. I think the new Local & Foreign Destinations forum can really help with that. Get more information from the group who do get out a lot and do nice journeys/trips/adventures, down to the riders in our community who need a little more info, and a bit of a push to try this stuff.

The Social forum group is a bit of a bold step, most bike forums are JUST about biking activities, though we’re more than just that, we’re a community, a social-network, so rather than have people talk about all the common interests they have off-site, why not embrace it and bring it on-site? After all, we talk about this stuff when we meet in person.


New sub-forum:
Bike Chat -> Local & Foreign Destinations

New group/forums:
Social & Other Interests
|_ Going Out
|_ Photography & Video

Feedback, and/or suggestions on other similar forums are welcome, please contribute!

Computer games!

Ok so the nerd in me got out there… my bad :stuck_out_tongue:

I like that, good suggestion! I play games as well (PS3/PC) when I get a free moment once in a blue-moon.

How about movies?


Think the Games forum is excellent, haven’t posted there but enjoying reading up on what peeps are playing. Haven’t gamed for a while but got back into it when I borrowed my Brother’s PS3 when I was off work over the summer.

Need to up the specs on my PC before I start with all the 1st person shooters again … which will probably mean I’ll turn into a hermit !!

How about a V-Twin section in the Bike Specific forum (for all us two cylinder freaks!!) ?


I loikes that I do:cool: