Three more days... (recommendations please)

Hullo from Mauritius. Lovely biking weather here, it’s the middle of winter and yet the wife’s getting a sun-tan. On Wednesday afternoon, I get on a plane, fly four hours to Johannesburg, change to another plane for an overnight flight to London, and land at Heathrow at 06:30 GMT. From there I’m getting a taxi home, picking up my helmet and gloves, and getting on a train to go and pick up my new S-Wing 125 from Doble motorcycles :-). I’ll be picking the bike up come rain or shine, but I’d like to ask that whoever it is that controls the weather, if you could sort out some sunshine to make the first day riding it easier I’d appreciate it…

In any case, the main point of this post - I’m also going to be buying a set of clothes at the shop, amd I’d appreciate any recommendations on what to get. Basically anything at is on - I negotiated gear instead of a discount on the bike, so no recommendations from other shops for now please. I have a helmet and gloves already, but I need boots, armoured jacket and trousers. Ideally I’d like waterproof textiles (well actually I’d like leather but I need waterproof too and can’t afford two), and possible an additional set of armoured jeans, plus some good waterproof boots. Not too expensive please - would like to fit in about £300-400 including a decent disk lock. Recommendations please!


300-400 quid will JUST about get you a decent gore tex jacket… I would revise my finances and see what happens.

Personally, I have probably close to 1500 in Jacket, trousers, boots and gloves…

iirc my first set of dianese gear was:
£350 jacket
£200 trousers
£150 sidi black rain boots (brilliant)
£120 Draggin Jeans

and I can’t stress enough how good an investment buying good quality gear is

but if you really want to do it cheaply:Oxford-Hybrid Jacket £100
Oxford-Hybrid Trousers £90
TCX - SYNERGY—SYNERGY-Water-Resistant £100Classic Jean - Red-Route—Red-Route&bc=no £100

Excellent, I’ve looked at the Jacket and Trousers and they do seem to be a good “starter set” for what I need. The Web site says “not available in store”, but I’ll email them and try and see if they can arrange something.

For the boots - those are the cheapest in the range:±+Touring+Line

Would the others be significantly better? If the delta is £40-50, I’d prefer to buy better.

I do like the look of this jacket:—Suzuka—Gore-Tex-Jacket&bc=no

But I’m not sure if I can stretch to that price at this time… maybe for the future :wink:


So, it turns out that the Oxford kit cannot be tried on first - the company don’t offer sale or return to their merchants. I’ve had multiple people suggest “Richa” as a good value brand though:

Jacket £180 -—Rix-2—Textile-Jacket
Trousers £120 -—Monsoon—Textile-Trousers

Any thoughts on those?


Despite their rep., I’ve found Frank Thomas branded stuff pretty good, notably their AquaPore (or some such) stuff. Worked well in 3 hours of snow and in six or seven hours of steady, sometimes heavy, rain.

I’ve not crash tested it and don’t intend to.

Your budget is a bit tight so I’d compromise a bit.

Helmet: Get a really decent fit and don’t worry too much about brand image, but try for 4 star Sharp rating.

After that, it’s a case of sorting out the affordable and pretty good from the good but unaffordable.

Do you mean the Frank Thomas “oversuit” type gear? This seems like a pretty inexpensive and convenient way of being waterproof, especially if it works well :slight_smile:

There’s a full body oversuit called “aqua pak” for £40

Or two pieces jacket and trousers for £40 + £20:

I guess these over some decent armoured gear might work?

Regarding the helmet - I bought a V-Can V210 bluetooth helmet from here:

Of course I bought it for the bluetooth (I intend to install a mobile ham radio onto the bike - yeah, I’m obsolete - and use it with bluetooth). The helmet has a 3 star sharp rating, and it’s comfortable and a good fit, so I think I’ll be OK with it.


So, here’s what I ended up with:

Bikers “Suzuka” Gore Tex Jacket (£357.44)
Spidi RPM “H2OUT” waterproof trousers (£179.99)
TCX X-Five Gore Tex Boots (£129.99)
Red Route Jeans - (£99.99)

More than I hoped - total £767.41 - but it turns out that it’s worth paying a bit more and getting usable kit :wink:

Thanks everyone for your advice.


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