Thoughts on this one pls...

Crash damaged factory millie, might be able to get it for less than 3 grand…

If the bike landed on top of him then chances are there might be more than cosmetics…

But its in holborn so might take a look at it tonight…

yummy :cool:

Ian ,

Will make a bloody good project for you dude , just factor in a possible long wait for any parts from the factory although , if prepared to wait , most bits will probably be avaialble on e-bay within time -

I reckon go for it if you can spare the cash for it to be stood around for a bit :wink:

How much are they in good condition ? Seems a lot of damage to repair given the price he’s still saking. My local bike shop have R1’s for £3200 (can’t remember the years) and at least one gixer 1000 and they’re very keen to shift some stock right now.

Having experienced the waiting game for Priller body parts in the past I’d seriously question how much patience you have;)

It’s not the kind of bike that pops up on ebay as being broken often so bits will be top dollar.

Would the cost of getting this straight be much different to buying a minter? IMHO I doubt it:crying:

Hehe cheers guys for the feeback. The 2000 R - that swing arm looks well bent! Might think about that one, but I can get a minter for 2500 on ebay, and the 2000 model wasnt quite as sweet as the later ones.

As for the project side, yeah I’ve got time to wait, spare cash…cough possibly…

Yeah I could get an R1 or GSXR thou for that price, but this is a factory millie!!!:cool:The idea is not to return it to mint anyways, less for the tea-leaves to get excited about, and not so worrying when it get scratched in a public motorcycle bay. Just so long as it handles and goes OK (and legally), I aint that bothered about it being mint…Are there any third party parts available?

Like this one ? 270164759449 Take the stickers off it might improve it a bit ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Whats wrong with the stickers?

They are laquered in anyway;)

Well that one is already at 3,500 with 6 bidders and 2 days to go, so price is outta my league…

Seeing the bike tonight to get a good view of it.

Don’t go to view it on your own mate.

Take someone with you to keep your feet on the ground and to give an objective view of the damage:)

Good Luck

Nuts, had the cash and insurance quote sorted, and then the guy phones me today to say someone offered full asking over the phone and is collecting today…I snoozed, I loosed…

Tough one

but no rush E

They’ll be another round the corner


Yeah and I’m going to hold still for a bit and then hope to pick up a bargin in the winter months.

Autumn/Winter always brings bargains with the bad weather;)