Thoughts for the day

  1. How is it rain-drops on my visor only roll off when I turn my head to the side?
  2. Why do scooter riders all lean forwards when they pull away from the lights?
  3. Why spend nearly £1,000 on a Dainese/AlpineStar etc suit with racing hump and then put on a skanky grey fleece on over the top?

Sorry, it’s a slow Friday.

  1. the wind
  2. don’t know. scooter riders are weird
  3. don’t know. power rangers are weird

slow Friday indeed…

  1. Cos it scares it more .

  2. cos they think the front might lift and flip them now they have given it an optimax tune up .

  3. Incase choprocker pulls up and starts thinking der leathers make them think that they might think that they think they are better than some one else .


Because you don’t put wood polish on it :PI suppose every little helps when your on a scooter. May they want to make themselves more aero-dynamic?Why spend £1000 on a Dainese/AlpineStar suit anyway? Just wait for a bike show and grab a bargain. A fleece/hoodie over the top I find keeps you warmer rather than having one under your leathers.

  1. you have to turn your head to the side?

  2. cause they’re stoopid

  3. I only paid £400 for my £1333 leathers at the bike show, and i need to wear a hoody to cover up my disgrace for not only having matching leathers for my bike but branded ones at that :w00t:

EDIT: Oh and the hoody also helps protect against peoples temptation to bungee me to the ceiling with my babygrow leathers

  1. your visors crap

  2. it looks cool

  3. it looks cool

:laugh: @ Asbo - the baby bouncer part is true:D

  1. It’s the wrong kind of rain

  2. There is no reason for anything they do, they are odd

  3. Disguise;)

1- mr Sheen is what you need

2- makes it go faster … yeah right.

3- i wish i had that much money to spend on a suit, i wont put a skanky jumper on top though

who cares if its slow, its still friday and its not raining! :smiley:

  1. The universe doesn’t want you looking forward when moving at high speed.
  2. I never did when I was on a scooter (but mine was slightly more powerful than the norm and would jump forward, pulling me behind it)
  3. I don’t know, saving up £1000 for my first leathers…


  1. what if the hokey kokey WAS what it’s all about?

Q? If a £1,000 Dainese/AlpineStar one piece suit with racing humps are so good at protecting you when coming off a bike, why don’t pizza delivery/moped/scooter riders wear them?

  1. Because Chuck Norris told the rain to do that
  2. Because Chuck Norris told every scooter rider to do that
  3. Because Chuck Norris wears a fleece over the leathers

  1. its designed to deflect the water left and right out of your field of view, but only works over 60 mph

  2. they realise they are riding crap, and by moving forward they are admitting what they are riding is crap, and they could walk faster

  3. anyone who buys a one piece suit with hump for the road looks a tit, and they know they look a right tit, so feel the need to cover up


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