Thought I should say hello!


I have already blasted a few posts on here- always take, take, take with me- or so my girlfriend tells me…

Anyways, I live in central London- been biking just over a year- I learnt to ride with a great Instructor out in east London with Aspen rider training…

been though a few bikes; Yamaha FZ6, BMW F800GS and now got a BMW R1200GS adventure in red… I ride every day commuting out and back in to London, and get out most weekends for some non-commuting :slight_smile: Somehome managed to 4000 miles on the bike in 6 weeks…:w00t:

Been on a few trips in the UK, but going on my first non-UK jaunt first weekend in April- the route is something like Zurich-Lake Como-Monaco-Verdun Gorge (for some climbing)-Millau Bridge-Then some volcano in France- Le mans then back to good old Blighty! May have to change the first section due to the snow, I really wanted to get over the Stelvio- but I would need skis at the moment!

Any one got any suggestions of accomdation or good sights would be welcome!


Hello and wlecome…:smiley:

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome :smiley:

Hi and welcome

Welcome to the nut house

err… Thanks! :hehe:

Hello and welcome

Good to see another Adventure biker here. Shame it’s you. :w00t: :wink:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Its the only reason i’m on here- i’m searching for your replacement… :stuck_out_tongue:

welcome in

HELLO AND WELCOME TO LB :slight_smile:


hi and welcome :slight_smile: