those wall street crooks are as bad as traffic wardens(and westminster council)

those wall street crooks are worse than traffic wardens(and westminster council), including Paulson, who earned 18 million bonus at goldman in 2006. paulson himself contributed to the wall street scam

In what area of the finance industry do you work in?

I assume you do to be able to give us your educated and unbiased opinion on the matter in question

Very constructive critique on the modern banking structure

Just double checked, this is LB and not HYS on the BBC is it not?

if i were in the industry which cause this disaster and scandal, i would keep quiet and feel contented. at the time like this, the people who has the least say are those “speicialists” in the finance industry

The American high fliyers got greedy and now look what`s happened to the most powerfull country in the world, serve them right.

I always wonder what the criteria for bonuses are. Neither in banking nor the place I work does success seem to be one of the essentials, the fat cats upstairs get 'em whatever happens.

Starting writing a long response…but can’t be bothered

If you want to find out more about this issue rather than comment from no base then that is up to you.

those traffic wardens(and westminster council)are as bad as wall street crooks :smiley:

i just got a parking ticket, issued by a moron(civil enforcement officer ws5616,i will remember this number and look for him/her) at 08:48 am, in spite of the fact that i paid by phone at 08:05. I sent an complaint to the bloody council with my warmest possible regards to the wardens/officers

i am going to protest on sunday, and i am going to do more…

Great stuff, I’ll keep an eye out for you. Will you be setting off from Ace?

i will go through A20, old kent road that route to the hanover square. :smiley: