Thorpe Park Ride Out

I was at Chessington with the kiddo today and I start thinking (I know I should not do that as this is not my forte) that it could be fun to ride with you lots to ride some of UK big ride.
I would do Alton Towers but that seems to be a bit far… So what about Thorpe Park?
Any Takers?

Was out at Legoland with the kiddies on Sunday, it was rammed. There are some cracking twisties around Alton Towers, but it is a bit of a schlepp.

Might be worth holding off riding to Thorpe Park until after the school holidays, the new rides are drawing quite a crowd at the moment.

and walking around in leathers all day not much fun:)

My daughter queued up for 3 hours for the “Saw” ride the other day:w00t:

Was it worth it?:w00t:

I’d do Thorpe Park on a school day :smiley:

Went there with Mrs Stevie Ramone while the kids were at school and we didn’t queue for nothing all day hardly.

Trust you kept it a secret from the ankle biters.

that sounds fab! Wonder if there’s anywhere with lockers nearby to store lids/leathers etc. (or maybe somebody could take a cage :w00t: )

She said it was, needless to say she went back a da y or so later and queued again.:slight_smile:

There are lockers as you go in available.

I would be up for that

That would have been the idea…

Ok so all we need now is a week day with sunshine and no school holidays…:smiley:

Oooo, I get a day off in the week now so I’d be up for this :smiley:

Yup, I’d be well up for this as well- been meaning to do it for ages. Didn’t know about the lockers though- that’s good news.

im scared of heights lol

Hehe… Not our kids (none in the oven yet :D) - The kids, as in the Royal ‘The

I wouldnt mind doing this OR alton towers…AND ive got tickets… two for one? Ive got 4 of those they include Thorpe Park, legoland, alton towers,sealife,madam tussauds, chessington, so thats for 6 people …and any date up to end of year

and then 2 Adults free entry PLUS 2 for kiddies entry at £9.50 (Alton Towers only) and they are dated 26/6/09 only and includes 50% off hotel room for family of 4 as well…(£67 bed and brekkie)

so whos friend am i now ??? hmmmmm :wink: Pick up the sun newspaper, they are printing the vouchers again?

I usually take a day off during the week and go with the mates, they all go by cars and I go by bike:) I just change and leave my bike gear in their cars lol…

Now Tuesday weather looks good.
Kids are back to school… I am feeling low on adrenalin… I think I might just go for a refill…
Anyone wanna join me?:smiley: