This weekend

well got the weekend off of work so anyone know of anyhting interesting or got any suggestion of anything going on in and around london, bike or non bike??? :slight_smile:

Check out if you’re out and about round Essex way

Dunstable Downs ride on Sunday;)

hmmmm yes was thinking bout that but weather doesn’t look to brill for the madness that will ensue :w00t:

From Metcheck just now:

Weather Forecast in Dunstable for Sunday 5 July

Location InformationSun InformationMoonToolsLat : 51.9NLon : 0.5WASL : 152mRise : 4:48 BSTSet : 21:22 BST– Select – Print Forecast SMS Forecasts Weather Sticky Metric/Imperial Videos

DayFromUntilTempFeelsUVRainCloudDirSpeedGustWeatherSun 5 Jul1:003:5914 °c14 °c00.0 mm81 %4 mph5 mph4:006:5913 °c15 °c00.0 mm75 %4 mph5 mph7:009:5920 °c20 °c40.0 mm22 %5 mph6 mph10:0012:5921 °c22 °c50.0 mm38 %4 mph5 mph13:0015:5923 °c23 °c50.0 mm71 %4 mph5 mph16:0018:5923 °c20 °c40.4 mm71 %7 mph8 mph19:0021:5919 °c14 °c10.6 mm5 %6 mph7 mph22:000:5912 °c12 °c00.6 mm23 %6 mph7 mph

most likely see ya on sunday then :smiley:

got the RAC on standby for ya mate :D:D:D

be good to see ya…been a while :slight_smile: