This video makes my soul hum

…and Pan… I KNOW its a repost… I just don’t care, :wink:


Don’t worry. I hardly think he’s in the place to say anything ATM :wink:

I’ve been bored and p1ssed off having to do bike repairs/maintenance recently - just a filthy set of chores that can be exasperating at times.

And to be honest bikes have just become practical transport - nothing more.

But this video makes me fall in love with bikes all over again.

This guy is a true artist/artisan - his ancestors probably made samurai swords*

*Maybe that’s being a bit stereotypical . . .


Mate - what does the symbol mean? :slight_smile:


It means “a little bit” can, in the right context mean distance, but here just means a little bit :smiley: pronounced chotto hang on the t for a moment so it almost sounds like two words.

I cheated a bit, it isn’t usually written in Kanji, usually written as ちょっと

Great site - this guy is really cool.

Wow - interesting language to learn :slight_smile: