This Video Crack Me Up The Drummer Is Immense

Found this on Youtube it old but you gota love it

I get the feeling he’s bored of just drumming (and the music he’s playing/the band he’s in), so he’s trying to make it more interesting for himself by messing around.

Thts proper funny :smiley: He’s good but that is a small drum kit:w00t:

thats the drum beat that any 1 can do

at one point he pulls the :doze: face


ROFL … Clearly he was a high school marching band drummer :wink: , And no doubt feels that his current position in a cover band is a severe soul destroying waste of time and talent :cool: , So like eezyrider said, he needs to fullfill his desire to keep his dream of drumming alive :smooooth: , " A bit like prostitute’s in a long arse marriage :w00t: ". " never forget why you were there in the first place :ermm: ".

awsome vid !!!

^^ :w00t::smiley:

what a laugh.luv watching drummers at work!!!