THIS SATURDAY (19.01.08)

Myself and Westafina will be out Saturday night in town and we will be heading over to Yates in Leicester Square for a boogie on down session from about 10pm. I know we’re all waiting to be paid and this month really seems to drag, however you are welcome to come.

The more the merrier


who the heck is westafina

ill be at the spots bar on haymarket having a late xmas works do, i might pop over

:frowning: No can do - already got plans for this weekend - sorry, but have a FAB time :smiley:

hmmm might come join ya gotta be on a flight v early hours so was plannin on staying up all night :smiley:

I might pop in for a bit :slight_smile:

Excellent - Any more folks want to come?

what type of club is it again?? My appologies, thats my dirty mind :rolleyes: Not sure i’ll make this now :frowning: if i do tho it’ll be a nice surprise for ya :wink:

i am westafina, hehe, yes, we shall be boogie woogieng on a budget! and its cheap in Yates`s, so pop on dahhhn:D

lol, you nutter. dont be using that as an excuse for being rubbish on the slopes on monday mate! :smiley:

have fun tomorrow guys, wish i could come but i have to count the pennies!

Hopefully i’ll be able to show my face more over the coming months.


I can come along if you really want me to cramp your style!!:stuck_out_tongue:

i`m sposed to be going covent garden for a couple of drinks mite pop over and say hi;)

make sure you do!