This rider was following a truck

think he’s used up his luck for the year

that’s a piece of steel they use to reinforce concrete.


So what happened did the rod come off the truck or he hit the truck?

the truck ran it over and it flung up off the road

oooh, you could call it a lucky strike!

Goes to show how important the visor is…:satisfied:

I never ride with my visor up, just because I’m worried about dust or grit getting in. But a rebar? Crickey! I bet that guy found Jesus real quick :w00t:

I’ve copied this one onto a private members forum for . If that is against the rules, let me know and I’ll remove it.

considering I nicked it off reddit, I think that’s fine.

Wow, close to being very nasty!


I’m not sure that a visor would stop rebar.

That must have got his heart pumping.

Deflection - I would rather go with that:pinch:

Well they do look pretty strong, have a look at the lab test;

Or the unofficial bashing it with a hammer against a tree test (does take a number of impacts);

Or the Indian helmet factory test;

poo in pants

Sweet Jesus!