This is what you do when you're bored...

You polish your downpipes. Cans being done today.




Knowing your a single man, you have to do all your own rubbing.:wink:

How do you get that bored???/

No job, but done all the job hunting that I could, no insurance on the bike, cable tv is horrific (sky would be the same). No books handy, and the browny build up on the pipes was beginning to irritate. So took them off.

Oh and that came after I had cleaned and valeted the car inside and out. Cleaned the bike, including taking the sprocket cover off and cleaning all the gunk off.

Niceeeee! want to do mine lol…did you use hot meths;):smiley:

Perhaps you have just found a new temporary job? They look fantastic.

Yep but it is two days work there. If I were to charge it would be cheaper to buy new. :smiley:

No that’s just a weekend tipple. :w00t:

Kev if your looking for a job, I have about 500 bricks waiting to be laid in my fron garden.

as well as a ‘T’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Let out the secret then…what stuff did you use?:slight_smile:

First thing is to clean the pipes with hot very soap water to remove all the oil gunk and loose debris.

Once complete use Opti Gleanz and a scouring pad to clean all the hardened brown heat bonded crap of the pipes.

Plenty of Autosol and elbow grease.



holly crap! thats shiny!! :w00t:

Blimey Kevsta… well done, i would have given up before 2 days … :slight_smile:

I am humbled by the patience, but do they show up the rest of the bike?

Oh no dont tell us you are spending the week cleaning the rest of the bike:w00t:

You won’t want to be riding in the rain after doing all that :hehe:

The alloy peg carriers are looking a little dull.

Off for a ride tomorrow with Alice, and I reckon the downpipes with turn golden with the heat. So have to give em another polish this weekend. :smiley:

Alice? Who the fuc* is Alice.

don’t you know that:

All the young girls love Alice
Tender young Alice they say
Come over and see me
Come over and please me
Alice it’s my turn today

dam nice job, you could shave in those! :slight_smile: