This is the topic to say hello and welcome, all new LondonBikers.

Just to organize a bit hundreds of thousands new members joining LB every day…


I told you there was something wrong with you Steve!


If you NEED to kiss me, then I don’t mind, just until you find a man who will cater for your needs. I am too straight to go that far with you.

If you WANT to kiss me, just get me pissed, I kiss all sorts of things under the influence…

LOL, I was waiting for a witty remark. Remind me never to go out with you when you’re drunk then! I’m sure someone else will give you a kiss you don’t have to keep giving me hints mate!

And anyhoo, the intention for this thread is somewhat misleading elsewhere so keep your kisses to the newbies!


This forum is for everyone, even those curious in homosexuality… Don’t worry Hennessy, this guys won’t think any different of you, no matter what gender you like… lol

I’m straight, but I lived in Europe, I been to Amsterdam, I understand people like to be loved differently… heheh

I might have gone to far Damien… You know I am in this just for the laughs… those be jokes…

lol, just a little too far my friend… lol. I doubt others will find this amusing though, except Kev maybe And we’ve ruined this thread completely, newbies are guna be like WTF!!! Im not posting in here, lol!

Anyhoo, Gotta go round to Jodie’s now, Im taxi service for this evening, damn I hate fit women you can never say no! (tryin to style out the convo) lol, but I actually am pickin Jodie up! Cya


O why don’t you two get a room lol

It’s much more fun in person anyway… see your anger boil! lol