This is becoming a re-occuring habit

Sat at home this afternoon when I get a phone call from a chap who was knocked of his bike a couple of weeks ago and sustained some quite nasty fractures and other injuries. He wanted help in making a claim against the numpty that wiped him out.

No problem, other than the fact that I no longer work in legal now that I am semi retired and have been out of that side of things for ther best part of 18 months.

Anyway, long story short, when I asked where he got my details from, apparently he has my business card from when I was a guest speaker at his advanced group 6+ years ago.

This is the 4th or 5th time this has happened in recent weeks and it made me realise just how long people do hang onto business cards for.

Suffice to say I did take some information and I have passed them to a freind and former colleague will be able to help him.


The roads are getting busier and this is a sad reality of riding bikes. Hope that chap makes a full recovery!

ain’t that the truth. I’ve just spent the last few days adding lights and louder horns ot my bike so it stands out more.

I’ve nearly been wiped out a few time now on motorways because apparently a blind spot check is no longer needed!!!

Yep and car drivers seem to have got even lazier over lockdown! Stay safe out there all…

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The_Sleeper communicating with a driver who failed to notice him on h way to work yesterday…

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