This here Cubana thing

I can’t help thinking it’d be worth getting to know people on the site first before rolling up to them in a pub car park. Makes it a little easier, and less intimidating than lots of people who are already aware of each other online or IRL.

Perhaps going along in a couple of weeks would be more sensical, although it seems churlish not to go when it’s 500 yds away from the office, and a mile from home.

oh, such a quandry.

it does take a lot of guts first to admit it =-

just go over and say hi - guaranteed you’ll enjoy tonight…

Just come along mate - same for me, 30 seconds away from work and I live just round the corner from the Doghouse as well.

You’ll be made to feel right welcome but … look out for a lovely SA girl, she’s got a right sharp stick and has this habit of poking people !

Pull up, get of your bike and approach the nearest group and say my name is oliorchard and I’ve just joined, we don’t bite and they’ll be nice.

I think i’ll have to rush off before most people get there anyway, have a piss up at a Dog House to get to.

People will laugh at my kick start

I might miss you then

i have to go to leaving drinks and that only finishes at 18.30…

ah well always a next time

Trojan stop scaring the newbies!

I dont poke that hard I promise and I have been told it tickles…

aye, I might come down when I can stay for a whole night rather than rushing off.

I’m sure you’ll spot me riding past anyway, there’s not many yellow framed 20 year old bikes on the road.

Kickstarts are sweet! And boy do you get to have a good laugh when our electric starts stop working

So just come on up to Cubana today and we’ll all be nice and hospitable, like we always are!

23rd I’ll be there.

(because I’m lame)

Newbie last week, received a good pokin from abbey too!

Say hi again tonight. Dont know how long am stayin for.

thanks for welcoming me on my newbee thread…and so a warm welcome in return

im off down there tonight for a poking …so dont be shy we all have to start somewhere

cmon oli…dont be a wuss. kickstarts are fun…especially if you dont have to do them…

sadly I can’t now, BUT, I will make an appearance the week after next, will try and get my Triumph TT riding little bro down as well.

Hey Salee, if I see ya, will give ya a pokin, but I think that is abbey’s dept!

Plus, dont know what you look like, but if you see me, come poke me!


Make yer way down when you can pal; it was my first time last week…and after about 10mins of looking lost was welcomed in to the fold first by Jay and then by BigSV and AbbeyJ. Alternatively get yerself out on one of the many rideouts…the guys and gals are really friendly. See yer soon - Cubana Wednesdays, Blackheath Tea Hut on Thursdays - think some get ou to the Ace Fridays…and then theres what to do at weekends