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Ain’t logged on here for years. What went wrong? this is very hard to search and navigate now. I can’t see how many posts I have made or search. bring back the old LB.

Basically the contract for the hosting hosting of Old LB was up before Jay had finished making a new forum to replace it, and so he had three options:

  • Switch everyone over to the new forum he was part-way through building
  • Install a new off-the-shelf forum package and migrate to that
  • Try to migrate the Old LB across.

#3 would’ve been a massive pain since it was so bodged together that it’d have unravelled as part of the process, and in any case it didn’t work that well. #2 was ignored for some reason. So he went with #1.

so has all the old content been lost?

No it’s all here, but you can’t search for it yet. If you go to the home page of sorts at you can click through to the subforums and browse it.

A google search with might be fruitful, but I’ve not had cause to try it yet.

ElmerThudd, it’s all coming. The content’s here as Big Red S says, we just need to plug in some missing features. It’s all being built as we speak!

Fundamentally though it’s a reboot, every now and then you have to rebuild things, much like a building - things get old and creaky and that was starting to be the case with LB. Plus there’s a ton of new cool new stuff we want to do we couldn’t do before. Please stick with it.

The new design really grows on you and is much better on mobile platforms which is useful for when we are riding out.

I did wonder why V-Bulletin or Vanilla weren’t used as they are fairly established platforms.
I’m all for new, bespoke solutions though- it would be good to have search functionality however.

The “latest” feature makes up for any temporary shortfalls. I’m sure when all’s said and done, it will be a great platform for us all.

ok well while we are on this.

I’m going to say maybe I was a little harsh when I first came to the new site, as many have said I’ve actually grown to really see the benefits to the new site. cannot wait to see it all shiny and finished now… keep up the good work Jay

I just found a clever thing, posts update live behind the edit post window! saves hitting preview post every time.

I’ve grown used to it now and once the PM and search functions go live i think it will be fine and wont need anything else adding to it.

Fair enough I didn’t realise it was work in progress. But then again respect to the person/s doing it… I wouldn’t know where to start!

It might feel a bit alien at first, but once you are accustomed to it, it’s actually better. The best solution is always the simplest, and this new version is definitely a better solution, being quicker and slicker. :slight_smile:

can i post vids and photos yet?

If you post a Youtube link it embeds, and so do, I think, Imgur albums. But there’s no way to have the forum host them.

It’s coming along well Jay. I wasn’t a fan at first, and have hardly been on over the past couple of months (partly due to being busy at work etc), but checking it out today, it’s improving all the time. Appreciate all the hard work that’s been put into it, especially as it’s free :slight_smile:

Yes it is coming along. However still can’t edit posts on a phone - can anyone else??

Yeah, apparently I can. What happens when you try?

Everyone should be able to edit their own posts. Click the ‘edit’ link on top of your post.

Thanks the nice words everyone. The other features are in development :slight_smile:

When we try - we use the edit button, our post is in its little box but if we try to type in it we get thrown back to the thread and can’t edit. Is ok on a pc.

Sorry Jay should have waited until you’re back from hols