Thinking of learning salsa

Any one know about this is it easy to learn

few places to go to in london to do this - really good fun…

there is a place near tottenham court road that does it - costs about £5 per lesson…

good luck!!


Yeah I think thats the purple and yellow place, maybe called Bar Cuba? I’ve walked past it loads of times usually half asleep but Im sure a bloke from work goes their wednesday evenings - in between Shaftesbury Ave & Tottenham Court Road

Ask are very own twinkle toes Ben, he teaches dance.

i did a couple of lessons a while back with my girlfriend.

we actually paid for 5 upfront which made us a) go five times
b)make sure we wanted to continue
c)learn abit

its good fun and kind of a workout and a good way to meet people as you go around and dance with everybody (we didnt obviously)

do a search on internet or go to local latin salsa club/bar they usualy have fliers or info

hehe yes ol twinkle toes ben knows his dance