Think he got what he deserved.

Hopefully he will learn a lesson.

Scumbags like that don’t learn.

Poor folk who were left without power may get some satisfaction from it. He nearly had a Darwin award.

What sort of moron tries to steal metal from a sub station? I hope he gets locked up, he might try to steal cables from a pylon next or try removing the juice rail from a railwayline.


Serves him right stupid pillock

Some bright spark needs to come up with a better lock . . .


Dude got burned :wink:

Lucky to be alive.

And todays’ Darwin award goes to…:w00t:

You just know he’s gonna try and sue the power company for damages. Its what all scum do these days and most get paid out! :doze:

My brother works for Eskom (South African Electricity company) and he regularly sends out the black vans with bin bags to scrape off remains etc… people trying to steal live wires off the pylons.