Thieving Pikeys!

Thankfully not the bike but I had the numberplates nicked off my car earlier this week. I did the usual and reported it to the Police ‘just in case’ and was told that there are quite a lot of our travelling friends kicking about in West London at the moment.

Needless to say, if he’s right and there’s pikeys about, you’ll need to be taking extra care of your bikes for the next few weeks!

theiving gits. At least you’ve reported it, now when you get a call at 4am about nicked fuel or burglaries you,ve got a case number. You did get your ref number?

Right…just going to pop out to the bike and rig up a couple of alarm-detonated claymore mines :slight_smile:

Yup, got the CAD number and the Ref. number as well.

Can’t complain about the Police either, they turned up and fingerprinted the car about 2 hours after I reported it, then the local Safer Neighbourhoods PC came round for a visit as well:)

yup, thats what we do :), what area?

Yeah what area? I’ll send our SNT to your guys for some training, but they’d never turn up!:stuck_out_tongue:

pmsl sneaky, send em to me Ill beat em into shape. My area is well looked after by my teams.

Twickenham/Isleworth area.

ah dunno them. Good on em :slight_smile:

That’s pretty good response from the police, wish my experience was the same. I got mugged and got told they’d get me round to look at mugshots and I got a call 6 months later to see if I could ID the guy!!!

And they are always pulling me over too, once got pulled over 8 times in a space of 6 weeks.

Boo :frowning: We just got up this morning to find that some sado has nicked the wristband off my brake reservoir. So there will be a pikey in Norf Lunnen wandering around today with a soggy pink puma wristband on.

It makes me sad that people will nick anything that isn’t nailed down.

shouldnt leave it near alex…its right up his street pink :smiley:

Wise words from my mini ‘mascot’ :P:hehe:


Haha, it’s come up on Lusty’s account! lol


Thats really poor…i always wondered how long mine would last:w00t: