these two morons

There these to morons out for a ride on there push bikes and they are screamin down this really steep hill the one in front does a big wheelie and once his wheel is aloft pushes the wheel off with his foot & puts the front end down the forks dig into the tarmac throwing him over the handle bars he comes to a hault about 30 yards down the road the second moron stops next to him says “what the fuck are you doing” getting up and dusting himself off he replies “i wanted to stop and get off” the other moron looks at him with a blank expresion gets off his bike takes his handlebars off and his seat off and swaps them over to which the first moron says “well what the fuck are you doing” to which he replies “well if your being stupid im going back home”


lost me ?

and sleep…

Lol… Nice one!