Thermals at the NEC?!

I’m returning to biking after a year off and I’m determined to keep my fingers and cobblers warm this time - can anyone reccommend a good thermal wear range?

I’m picking my blade up from devon next week and not really looking forward to the weather - would I really look a fool if I got some bar muffs for it, or maybe some wrap around heated grips if they’re any good?!


Also would the NEC bike show this week be a good place to get them from?!


Get yourself down to Marks & Spencer, they do a great range of thermals, i got long john and long sleeve Tshirt. Very warm and a dam sight cheaper.

I usually go to Aldi when they do their offers on cycle gear,they do a good range of “technical underwear” and cheap .

You will look a fool if you don’t buy something from Knox or Alpinestars. Don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise:D Heated grips are for sissys. Save your money and get some LEDs instead :D:D

Alternatively, buy a couple of sets of cheap long johns/tops (ALL clothes are “thermal”. There’s no need to pay a fortune for branded ones. You are going to wear them UNDER your clothes), and fit some proper heated grips (the wrap around ones look carp, and aren’t as good, and once you’ve got them fitted you’ll find you end up using them in Spring and Autumn as well as Winter).

Got to agree about M&S Thermals. Go for the ones that contain Merino Wool.

Agreed, get ones with wool or silk in them, much better than cotton.