theory test

Bloody can’t believe it I failed!..revised for weeks!..1 wrong answer too many! hazzard perception got top marks and didn’t even do any practice for that…:frowning:

been so stressed with work eg the whole office called in sick for the last 4 days wich ment i did 9 times more work than i should and was not in the right frame of mind to do it i guess…mmmm

quite a few silly questions in there too

will book for a 2nd one though!

feel rather thick now…

Unlucky mate - you’ll storm it next time though, just a case of keep running that tedious practice CD until you know all the questions off by heart!

Bad luck. It really depends on the luck of the draw that one. Perhaps you had a toughie!?

Chin up and get it next time :wink:

i was told 70% of those take theory test fail by a riding instructor. hazard perception is the most difficult part, i practiced using some youtube clips before my test.

that’s interestin…i got a very high score in the hazzard perception and didn’t look at any youtube or practice films…I figured that you either can do it or not and as i’m on the road and getting about without any accidents etc and you only get one chance why revise for it…

i revised for the 1st part and thats where i failed … ******** isn’t it ehehehe

i’ll get it next time you bet!

I’ve got mine soon.
Does anyone have the multiple choice test on CD/ DVD? (already got the hazard perception one with Miss Perry)