Theft in action?

Just seen this on my Facebook :

“Watching someone axle grind off a motorbike disk-lock”

“In the middle of Chelsea, no one has stopped to ask if they are steeling said KTM Enduro”

Of course I’ve jumped up and down and said call plod!


why phone the police when you can post it on facebook. :rolleyes:

It would take ages to get a disc lock off by axle grinding…

He later posted :

“Police stopped them, but then they continued. Looked like the guy had lost keys for disk lock, chap w angle grinder was locksmith. Good that plod stopped, I’d kept an eye on them and luckily they turned up before I had to do anything (was trying to get bottle to go take pictures etc)”

All good then :slight_smile:

Good on ya - for a moment I thought you’d type “theft inaction”!