The Worlds Fastest Indian


i watched the fastest indian for the 1st time i thought it was great and i think its great to follow a dream even more when so much work goes in to it and great 4 oldies to watch hehe i would recommend the film.

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the record is for the fastest bike under 1000cc,

i dont think anyone has tried to beat it, lets be honist it wouldnt be hard, but its nice that it still stands

can race 600s get to vover 200mph??? I think a normal 600 will only get to about 160mph

He does yes, the official record is 201.4mph, although he has done 205.67mph but it wasn’t an official timed run so doesn’t stand as a record.

That wouldn’t actually make any difference to his record for two reasons…

  1. these are not street bikes so it wouldn’t matter what restrictions the manufacturers put in place they would be removed to run at Bonneville anyway, a lot of the time the frames are custom and it’s only the motor that gets used.

  2. the Hyabusa is a 1300cc bike and Burt Munro’s record is for a bike under 1000cc, his Indian engine had been bored out to 950cc for the record breaking run.

A MotoGp bike will top 200mph and they’re 800cc (I think?) so it’s perfectly feasible to do it, it’s just whether someone wants to bother spending all that time and money? Most people into land speed racing want to go a lot faster than 200mph on a bike or in a car, and for those that want to join the 200mph club it’s more about what you do it in and not just that you did it, after all if they were that desperate they’d just buy a tuned Ferrari/Porsche/Viper etc etc…

Doing 200mph in a car, or on a bike, that’s 50+ years old is much more of an achievement don’t you think? :wink:

Doing 200mph in a car, or on a bike, that’s 50+ years old is much more of an achievement don’t you think?

Im entirely in agreement on that point

A guy at work investigated the Bert Munro record quite carefully.

There are so many classes of record at the salt flats that it’s pretty specific. The fastest Indian’s record is for:

A normaly aspirated (non turbo or super charged) engine.
A V twin under 1,000 cc.
Running on pump fuel.
With a fairing.

Apparently it could be broken pretty easily by someone with a lot of cash, according to the guys that run the salt flats, but no one wants to do it because of Bert Munro being such a nice bloke and a strapped for cash amateur.

Nice to know there is still some respect out there.

The older I get, the more I feel like Burt Munro! “Butbut… I just wanna sit there an’ open up the throttle!” :smiley: :smiley: