The wheels of justice

Just got back from court, to cut a long story short, I was attacked by 2 people back in Aug 95, got quite a beating n spent night in hosp for minor operation on my face, the police were called - 3 cars with 6 coppers in them. They got the people that did it, one pleaded guilty and got smack on the wrist, the other pleaded not guilty, he’s been charged with assaulting the police, as he head buttted one of them. Went to court bout last Oct and it was postponed as he had been sentenced to prison on another matter, and now wasnt a priority case, so went today, postponed again, as the prison van left wandsworth prison too late to bring him to court So now expect another court date next year sometime. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Off my chest feel better now

Bloody hell mate, that’s one hell of a long time to wait to get them to justice! The justice system is a mystery unto itself at times. Bad luck fella, but they’ll have it coming, one way or another.

The law has long grey ears and says “Eyeore”. Civil matters are no eaiser and when it eventually comes down to it he’ll probably get a little slap on the wrist and be told not to be a naughty boy.

Do you get any kind of compensation for the injuries and what about your costs of attending court - anything for the inconvenience, hassle, arse-ache, head-ache everything else ache?

That is really crap! Makes one want to deal with a minor matter oneself, doesn’t it?

well there had been bit trouble with them in my local - i was not in anyway invoved, just when I came to leaving, they were waiting for first person to come out, which happened to be me lol

I get expenses for the days I missed, and have been awarded £300 form the first one as compensation, but hes done a runner, they dont know where he is lol so a warrant is out for his arrest. I have 2 cases going thru the crinimal injuries board at the mo, but from what I hear, they are a waste of time. knew guy who got caught up in a bombing, had his face cut to bits, left badly scarred, and got £800

Makes u laff when pop stars get like £1 million for being called gay or summut

Oh, just one more thing, know we all slate the coppers when we get tickets etc, but when u need em they are the tops, the guys from Rochester and Chatham station are great, felt so soz for the copper that was head butted, I wouldn’t do their job for the world!