The Weekly LB Meet at Borough Market!


OOOh, maybe :wink:


yer I’m probably going to drop by for a bit


OOOh, maybe ;-)
God I hope you're bringing the DRZ

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Morning you lovely people, it’s Wednesday so who’s up for meeting at Borough Market tonight to watch the world go by and tell tall stories and put a face to a name :+1:




I’ll be there!

forgot by bag though so leave my helmet for now.


It’s in a helmet bag, do you want me to bring?


oh yer! forgot about that.

go for it.


Sup b…


look the other way we’re there.



Sorry I couldn’t be there last night. Business called. Hope to be there next week!


Who’s heading down this evening? There’s not been enough ice cream in my day yet.


Yeah for a bit, require ice cream as well


I should pop down one of these days, whilst it’s still sunny… Not today though, was in too much of a hurry to get home!


You’ve missed it, rain until the end of time now


So, who’s down this evening? It’s my last day here today so I’ll either be out early or late…


I should be there :metal:


Ah, good - I’ve got a light for you. I haven’t got the entire bracket, but I do have what might be the correct charger…