the UGLIEST Aprilia Futura.

after the mickymouse/ elephant duke won so much praise on its looks :w00t: Dugally has done* another masterpiece :sick: based on the Aprilia Futura… poor bike… :ermm:

this time it looks like a gorilla!

*not sure what came first but they are both come first in terms of making you want to run away while pushing hot needles in your eyes

hes next project is a Ducati 848!! cant wait! :rolleyes:





insert NJ catchphrase

I think Dugally is the bastard child of ‘youknowho’!! :wink:

Wow that’s a real achievement.

Getting someone else to agree to pay to build that… that… thing… is a real achievement.


Hmmm, can’t see any aspect of his designs making it out of an art installation and into the real world (unlike other works of art that have gone on to influence mainstream design).

But top marks for originality and thinking outside the envelope!

From the front 3/4 views it may be humping itself:w00t:

Mind you that is probably the only its going to get ridden.

That guy like destroying perfectly good bikes. What a waste.:frowning:

looks like he ran over a 3 eyed goblin at 120

Nuff said :stuck_out_tongue:

The tyres look nice!:cool: