Quick everyone on their bikes and down to the Ace now…before the clouds come back!!!


I have no bike :crying:

gets my leathers and im just leaving the office! :slight_smile:


I’m pissed off tho, just been to travis perkin to get the wood i needed for that ark.

Everyone except Afro…Quick, get on your bike!! :w00t:

(soz Afro, only kidding ;))

I dont even know where the ACE is…

It’s that ---------> way then ^ way, then > way, then way round the roundabout then -----> up the ramp, way after the lights and its on your <. HTH :slight_smile:

It’s still piddling down here:(

Besides my leathers are still moist from the journey home

Where abouts in London are you guys? It’s been pissing it down for the last hour and a half… Commute home was damp… Free bike wash though.

I’m just finishing building my Ark… (In Finchley) I have 3 bikes in the Garden sat on a patio that is 4/5 inches deep in water…

F**king rain…

weather is cr*p in wycombe:ermm:

I haven`t seen the sun all day today.


I was about to ask the same question. What’s happened Afro?

IIRC his bike got pinched a few days ago.

Nope, I didn’t remember correctly, actually, he hasn’t got an engine. Phew! :slight_smile:

I wonder how them lot are getting on with the camping tonight, there’s been reports of wind up to 60mph… wouldn’t catch me trying to ride in that!! :w00t:

I hope they’re all alright [/mother mode]

I dont think it would be much fun stuck in a tent alnight it the rain.

hopefully the weather a be much better for them for tomorrow

I got sick of 40 degree sunshine so came home to cool down, hence the shower;):D:D:D

I bet they are all sheltering in or under SteveCBRXXXX’s Top box:D:D:D:D