The strongest motorcycle lock (apparently)

this looks a very promising DIY job!! - although not being able to carry it with you may be a problem

Not able to carry it? Surely it just slots around your neck whilst riding? :slight_smile:

wanna see the size of your neck Zeus! lol :smiley:

sounds like a right dweeb:D

He must of had a few bikes nicked over time!!:smiley:

It’s Mild Steel:w00t:

A good idea poorly executed;)

Interesting lock.

What got me were 2 of the associated videos at the end.

One showing how quickly a steering lock can be broken and the other showing the guy taking off a disc lock with bolt croppers :w00t:

Unless he is a master welder the weld joints are going to be the weak point. Freeze spray and a good lump hammer would probable fracture them.

One word reply - Almax.

Almax all the way :wink:

Gotta agree with the Almax solution. Proper bit of kit. :slight_smile:

:laugh: The actual padlock is so weedy you could drill through it in about 10 seconds, the rest you could angle-grind in half that time. I found this a bit sobering - bike thieves don’t need vans, putting motorcycles in cars and driving off appears to be simplicity itself…