The Steak and Gunniss Pies are back!!!!

As you know the second Tuesday of each month sees you hardy biker types visit The Coach & Horses in Newgate Street Village. I have just launched the winter menu and this includes my home made Steak & Guinness Pies among other things. They were popular before and many were disappointed when I changed to the summer menu and took them off.

Now the question is what is a bikers favourite meal?
Sausage and mash/garlic mash, Pies, curry, chili, scampi, steaks, stew, raw meat?

Shall I reintroduce the fiver a dish and do a rotation like I did before e.g. Curry, chili, stew?

See you next Tuesday chaps and chapesses.


Chris, (The Landlord).


Good to see the S&G Pie is back on the menu Chris, can I reserve one for next Tuesday before they all go?;):smiley:

I would personally like to see the return of the fiver curry/chili etc deals like we had last winter. And not forgetting Gemmas lovely dumplings;):smiley:

Look forward to seeing you next week:cool:

Excellent Chris i can`t wait for my pie.

OK next week we will have the Steak & Guinness Pies, (i.e. Standard menu), and the following week a fiver curry with either chips or rice as long as it lasts.

Stop it Chris, you carry on talking like that i`ll have to come and live with you.:stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: Sausage and garlic mash :smiley:

anything apart from curry…thats gross :sick:

sausage and mash!!!:smiley:

Any pies, followed by sausage and mash, but not all in the same sitting though

My only reservation about your pies Chris is that brianM has gone on the missing list. Can you prove where the meat has come from?;):D:D