The sh!t really hit the fan...

at work. The whole network had to be taken off line after a particularly nasty virus/worm got in. They couldn’t track it down and kill it. Every PC they cleaned would quickly get infected again. It disable the anti-virus software, which opened us up to every nasty virus on the net, then the blue screen of death started to appear. They have been cleaning absolutely everything, anything with memory, for days. Basically the up shot is that their attitude to the internet, and PC use in general, is going to change big time. Where as before when I was bored I could quite happily spend a couple of hours a day cruising the net, forums, yahoo mail etc now zip, nadda, nuffing. Business only or its P45 time… So I’ll not be round here during the day anymore. I can’t tell you how much that pains me

ah that my friend sounds like you have a serious problem on your hand any idea how it got there in the first place…

unforginate you are… pleased …not anymore

Rather poor defences on your companies part. We use a Firewall, AntiVirus on PC’s, Servers, SMTP Mail Anti Virus, web filters and the lot. Also have a strict policy on using USB drives and Floppy Discs. Still have full access to various forums and the like. Just as well I’m the IT Manager though…

Some [email protected] downloading porn or summet I expect. You’ve got to have a brain when it comes to these dodgey sites and opening attachments exe. files etc. Everyone is going to be in the same boat now. Everyone uses their PCs, laptops for some form of personal use like itunes, autoroute etc. Its all gone cos of this. No programs are allowed except those approved by the IT department. You can’t take a dump without contacting IT first.

I’ve got to sit in front of a PC all day and no internet! Nothing to take my mind off the sodding work.

You are right, it shouldn’t have happened to a company our size. Something like 130 users. They have the usual anit-visus, firewall etc but this was particularly nasty. People have been pretty much left to do what they like when adding programs and using memory sticks though. It was almost impossible to spot and kill once it got inside the system. Questions have been asked and rightly or wrongly it is going to be tighter then a camels bum in a sand storm round here for the foreseeable future.

Prevention is usually the best form of defense, but if a user introduces the virus into the network internally, then you are well stuffed. I’ve got a user who emails me to say she is checking doc’s on an old floppy and 9/10 it has a virus of some sort.

That’s a bummer… few spoil it for the many as per usual

Should we quaratine Nuts ? INto a sealed airtight box with you and don’t type at us with your infected fingers,

We have outsourced IT and beyond no one receiving any client emails for a few days, they seem pretty good. I think they went OTT on the security side there, but better that than viruses and such…

Hope they relax their non-work related use policy soon

Never mind mate always som1 stupid who ruins it for the rest of the group