The Riot is finally back at the menders


The Riot has been off the road for over a year. It’s been back in my garage for about 6mths leaking oil all over the floor.

The new garage have made me wait till the end of the biking season to fix it as they didnt want it clogging up the workshop in their busy time.

Still, The Riot’s there now and this new place have successfully rebuilt the motor in my mates XR6 so hopefully if the last bloke aint phucked up too much stuff in The (infamous) Riot it will live again! :sunglasses:


Good news! Ready to come out on some BCR’s next year?


Great news, I’ll inform the ambulance service that there’s likely to be more infectious diseases going round next year


Im not that there is any need, the last garage that tried to fix it powder coated the frame so it was rust/germ free for a while.

Mind you, like the rest of the work carried out by that garage the rust is coming through the powder coat within weeks of getting in back.