The Riders Digest launch tomorrow.

O.K. So it’s no great deal but it’s an excuse for a short ride out and the forecast is good.

It takes place, for those that have missed the details, at Jacks Hill Cafe on the A5 just North of Towcester, and there is a free breakfast for the first fifty to arrive. If they can find John Newman.

I reckon on buying my own brunch.

Now the A5 is boring as hell but there are some good routes both East and West of that. Try visiting www.the

(Can’t be arsed to do the link so you’ll have to copy and paste.)

Me :slight_smile:


So just the important people then?

A few photos taken at Jacks Hill Cafe

Got our free breakfast so it was worth the trip.:slight_smile: Meeting up with Lessismore and Oldguy was an added bonus.:smiley:

Likewise Jetstream- very much enjoyed the diversion.:slight_smile:

Oldguy you were right about what you said ;)- apologies for turning off the A40 to the Ace on the way back. Hope you got back okay. Plus I didn’t have my sat nav on so I would have been no use anyway:)

Yup. All round, a good day out.

Nice to meet up with lessismore once more and find the old horse trail again and good to meet with the Jetstream’s and , by chance, a few other LB’s.