The return of my bike.

The insurance company gave me this to ride in the meantime as my other bike was being fixed:

Now that my bike is fixed, i got it back today and its looking good but ive got a dent in the tank which they didnt sort out and im gonna hve to argue with them about as im expecting the standard response ‘it was there already’.

Nice one Snap! Glad you got it back! Can you ride it yet?

Cheers Jay. I can ride it but not before a dosage of painkillers.

Nice one Tony looks like your going to be spoilt for choice. What sports bike are you looking to get?

Nice one mate. The Bandit is looking good as well nice and shiny. So you coming to the ace on it tomorrow?

Yep will be at ace on it.

So I’ll finally meet Terry’s arch enemy?

What’you think of the Hornet over the Bandit - meant to better…

No, you want a nice 'Blade, Tony I know of a very nice & tidy black one going very soon…

The hornet is a much more fun bike than the bandit its feel is a lot like my zx6 but with less powere as it has a detuned cbr engine. Shame about the build quality though - pretty crap for a Honda. The bandit keeps me sane on the road and is a kinda does what it says on the tin kinda bike. And its good for my back too.

Will see you tonight along with bugboy and talk about the trumpet your buying.

I think you need to get test riding differnt bikes. Can i recommend the 03-04 zx6r (b1/b2 model), like Chuffsters (ex bike now) and Bike2Travel’s. Its a fantastic bike, powerful and handles very well. If i would upgrade my zx6 to that if i could. But it all depends on how you feel on the different bikes so get yourself to some friendly dealers and blag a few rides.

Fair enuf Tony but i sometimes get a bit bored of having power on tap and prefer having to work for it hence loving my vfr400 and would really like an rs or rvg 250. But i think we are quite lucky to have an array of bikes to choose from which can accomodate everyone’s likes.

Ya dont have to twist my arm to build you a streetfighter we just sit down with a big cup of coffee pens and paper and see where we get to any time mate we’ll talk Friday

No wurries mate I will do some pics n see what happens if the frame is straight N the motor runs its all fun from then on

Tony, keep us informed on what your planning as im sure your prolly planning something special.