The One foot down crew??

:crazy: Arrrgh! I’m sick of seeing people riding motorcycles with one foot down in London! Your Piaggo zip is not a motorcross bike! Nor it is a good idea to ride along with one leather loather skimming the road at 40mph!

What is this craze in London that half the riders (and nearly all moped riders) like to do? What’s the point? It doesn’t make you stable and it’s even more so dangerous in London.

I know I shouldn’t let it get to me but I hate to see it going on as it serves no purpose and the only reason why people do it is because they saw someone else doing it. No training school would ever advise that - pretty sure of that anyway.

i do it all the time as i never use the back brake anyway…

it helps me stretch the leg muscles, i can judge the grip levels, can kick cats, dogs, cyclist out of the way and importantly when i do a stoppie at the lights the foot is already there to keep the bike upright

:smiley: :hehe:

HA HA HA HA HA Guilty as charged :smiley:

works for Rossi :smiley:

i only put one leg out when im cornering fast to create a bit of drag :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

what with those chicken legs? :hehe:

I’d like to expand the original post to add riding with one hand on your hip…WTF?!

Putting one foot out at slow speeds does help me get a better balance… It’s all about changing your ‘centre’ - at least that’s what I’m told!

im a little tea pot… :smiley:


i where baggy bottoms :stuck_out_tongue: hehe

I’ll do both or one foot down got control at slow speeds and only have my feet down at higher speeds if I’m stretching my legs.

One hand is when I’m at a Cruising speed with nothing ahead if my hand is aching thanks to having pins put in it cramps up quickly

I once knew of a guy who did this at about 40mph, out of habit, and he either caught something or his boot gripped the ground and it completely snapped his tibia and fibula.All he felt was a little jerk (in more ways than one, as it turned out) and only noticed there was anything amiss when he tried changing gear - he couldn’t, as his foot was flapping behind like a loose sock. Then the pain began…

i dont have any problem on body positions when one’s riding, its your bike and you can hang on it as you please.

i do have a problem, however, when one’s bike is bigger and doesnt fit as well as others through gaps, and still pretends to hold everone else up…as it happens last night on the a40, you know who you are GS rider…:angry: :smiley:

I prefer to undo my flies, and let the old fella out from time to time - helps keep the crotch temp regulated, in its otherwise HOT world.

But on topic, it can help to counter-balance, depending on which side it’s dressed to.


I rode a Zip for two years and find it amazing everyone doesn’t ride them with both feet down!

dude your two posts cracked me up :laugh: edit Panagiotis’s posts i meant, i didn’t mean to quote this post though, it happened by mistake


Hmmmm? Legitimate reason? Or are people just copying hipsters they’ve seen around shoreditch?

also… when i visited my sis in Cadiz everyone there rode with their feet (in flipflops) hanging! guess its cool?? :ermm: