The NMN 450SMR

Well after a few months of tinkering in the garage I finished up with this little beauty:D

When I bought it:

After a couple of changes:

**08 KTM 450 SMR

Beringer Hydro BR9 Clutch Master cylinder
Beringer Radial Caliper & BR10 Master
SXS 11-14mm Triple Clamps
BST Carbon Rims
Step seat with SXS cover
Titanium header with Twin Akrapovics
MWRacing headwork & cam timing
Wiseco piston
HPI switchable ignition
SXS oversize radiators
Oversize impeller kit
Carbon Airbox
Ohlins TTX rear shock
Ohlins TTX Front Internals
Suspension Setup by FTR Suspension
DevTech Swingarm
SXS monoboc brembo rear caliper
Suter Slipper Clutch
Carbon Ignition cover
Carbon frame guards and Skid plate
Easton Bars
Some anodised bits
SuperMoto Engineering sliders
Raptor Titanium Footpegs
KTM Holeshot Device
Custom GFX DESIGN Graphics
and some more…**

Will get better photos posted soon.

ahhh its…

ok… :smiley:

Wow thats really nice…my bike is a better looker though…sorry!:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been scrolling up and down the photos for about 10 mins now… that is one beautiful bike! :slight_smile:

Damn in my heart of hearts I always wanted a supermoto but sanity prevailed as I have long weekend trips… oh well when the time comes to buy a second bike. :slight_smile:

I want what ever job it is you do to afford all that :w00t::hehe:

What are you talking about ASBO, all that time and money lavished on it, look at the graphics! There’s not even any rust on it!

track day bike?

Cheers, Fella’s. I forgot to mention that it is also road registered. And yes it will go mud plugging around surrey. It is of no use just sitting in the garage and looking pretty.
The photos show setup for a dry trackday. I have a couple sets of Alpinas for wet days:P

Loving the bike hein:cool: you did well on the whole look and carbon wheels yummy. Your dev-tech is for the older rfs right? If so a 2008 on dev-tech will if mine?

Beautiful :slight_smile:

Let us know when you doing lanes next time.
Hope you not serious thinking about taking smr in the mud :w00t:
Thats what your new Husqvarna should be for :wink:

I am almost sure it won’t. The RFS motor is wider so all I had to do is have 2 spacers made up on each side of the mounting point. the 08 one will be too narrow to go around that mounting point. You can always get an 08 Devtech and i’ll swop you if it is in the same condition.:wink: