The new theory test

25) What does this sign mean?

A - Tanks in the road ahead
B - Oncoming tanks
C - Tanks crossing ahead
D - Tanks only

this poped up on my mock theory online test and its a random actual question LMAO

i got 40 out of 50 bumer then got 45 out of 50 2nd time round yay :smiley:

Anyone who has ridden in Wiltshire needs to know what it means - Lots of Mud in the Road!

  1. You should never attempt to overtake a cyclist:-
    You answered incorrectly
    You answered:
    D - Just before a right turn
    The correct answer is:
    C - Just before a left turn
    Hold back until the cyclists has passed the junction. Don’t try and overtake and then turn left, you will cut across the path of the cyclists.

Bog off! That was a travesty of a question, there was no mention of me turning left!

50/50 second time though :smiley:

pass is 43, i scored 42 so failed, will have another go later

Tanks crossing ahead. Usually find them around Salisbury plains and anywhere where the MOD have land for training.

Have you been on the website where you can do a mock test? They are nearly identical to the one you do. There’s two for bikes and two for cars… I did both, can’t hurt. It’s the hazard test that’s the bugger. They said click as the hazard develops into more dangerous, so when the bird walked into the biker whilst yapping on the phone, i clicked away and failed that screen. The green studs on the carriage way stumped me - they are on the right hand side of a carriage way when a slip road is joining it.

yea its a good website im just hopeing that if i memorise all of them then im bound to pass my theory without studying lol then again noing my luck none of them will show up

I’ve had my car license for 13 years and thought I’d be ok not studying… I just did the mock test over and over again until I got it right - best way for me to learn. There’s lots of freebies on the internet, and morrisons do a test dvd for about £6 - might be worth looking at.

well so far iv taught myself haha gears hazards signs lol still it hasnt worked so far lol but i keep putting my bloody right foot down when i stop insted of my left anyone got any tips to help me pass my theory and test?

What I had to remember:

Claim your lane - position yourself

Right foot - back brake when ever you are stopped, when getting off, right hand on front brake to hold the bike

Clutch control - practice low speed riding, really important for roundabouts and turns.

First gear - get into the habit of being ready to move, once you’ve stopped at the junction etc

Life savers & mirrors - vital. Not doing them = fubar

Ride for yourself and within your capabilities.

When going along when learning I’d chant ‘mirror, signal, life saver, move’

I found copying an instructor in front was more helpful too. Oh and U-turns… you can’t do enough of those! I failed twice on those!

Aeiiiee. I’m glad I’ve done this a little while ago. Still got 45 straight off, mainly common sense stuff. Still, it does teach people a little…:smiley:

appart from bandit bird has any one elce tryed the hazards test yet :S eek is this new or was it always in the test?

the hazard perception test was introduced a few years ago

Don’t click when you first see the hazard, they don’t want to know that, click when somebody or something is about to or could move into your path. It’s crap but that’s how it seems to work.

Click only when you would throttle off or cover the brakes in response to an external input. Just noticing potential (not actual) hazards doesn’t seem to work, despite their wording. Experienced riders fare worse at this test, frankly it’s designed by geeks not riders, and aimed at the normally incompetent rather than folk with brain-cells.I abhore the patronisation.

Because clicking in the wrong place doesn’t work against you - only clicking mechanically and repetitively will give you a zero score, get into the habit of clicking when you see the hazard, then clicking again a second later. Also click every time you go round a parked car, or make a turn etc, then click again a second later. Even if the first click will be too early, the second will often score four or five points if there is something there. I got 4 or 5 points on all but three hazards out of 15 using this method when I took the test.