the new highway code??

so was riding to work yesterday and coming down towards palmers green. not going to fast as not on a big road and theres a bus infront of me. next thing i know i car thats parked up pulls straight out between me on the bus, options are hit the car and see what superman feels like, or mount the pavement. no one on the pavement so i go up a driveway and onto the pavement while my back wheel is trying to be a drift king under breaking.

so, lucky escape. get off the bike and up to the the car who has just stopped watching the action and using a few extra words ask him what the hell he’s doing…best bit of the whole story, his answer is…‘what? im in a car, I have right of way over you’…i’ve never wanted to pull someone through a window so much in my life! what the F*** is wrong with people!

Well done for keeping it together - both the bike and the urge to throttle the pleb…

That’s priceless :angry:

I wonder if people like that got their license from a bubble gum machine…

please tell me your kidding right?

although saying that years and years back I had a smiliar thing when I was on a push bike women told me cars have right of way…

i was actually struck silent in shock! times like that i wish i was in my truck, the wheels are bigger than his car…could have parked ontop of him with the theory that im bigger so have right of way :crazy:

Blimey what a tosser!:w00t: well done for staying calm…i on the other hand would have snatched his keys and dropped them down the nearest drain:D

my 1st thought as i wasnt going to fast was that i should have bailed and let the bike take out his car…its only my bro’s 600, i could have lived with that :stuck_out_tongue:

Are we talking motorbike or cycle here???

I guess its like in India, ‘might is right’?

An unbelievable story, so even though they were going to course an accident that gives them the right to move out??? Just feckin ignorant some people

unbeliveable i dont think i would have been so calm.:smiley:

hmm I woudl have done some damage to his car or his face… then say my c0ckis bigger than yours so I have right of way to p1ss on you…

This one makes me laugh: Ask some of my pupils before i teach em right, they have right of way over bikes, cycles, horses, pedestrians (even while on a crossing) and anything else that moves


Magpies, they have priority causing us to swerve, hitting more pedestrians
Squirrels, you cannot hit one of those, even if you cause a major crash

Dont get me started on cats and dogs!!

hehe i have right of way when in the truck :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe, sorry forgot that one. We also have right of way over trucks which are taking the whole roundabout due to their size, causing me to swear loudly!!

Hope i dont meet you curtis on a roundabout, that’ll be interesting.

Glad ur ok mr mo btw.

well as long as your pupil doesn’t freeze as i come round them and keeps his/her line then it will be ok, may scare the learner a lil but im a good driver :Whistling: didn’t you advertise that monster truck for sale??? take it there, park upa nd wait for him to pull out then cut his way and say I am in a bigger car I have right of way…

Even better can you please give us the road? Can you see hsi car in google maps? If not what is teh address… if any of us are around the area I am sure we don’t mind taking a mirror away:))

I’m amazed. I had to re-read this twice to make sure I’d read it right the first time as I didn’t think anyone could be that ignorant.